We offer

  • OmegaTri offers selected omega-3 powders and tablets in bulk available globally
  • OmegaTri offers customized solutions to companies wanting to include their own healthy lipids in direct compactable grade powders
  • Situated in Oslo/Norway, close to high-quality raw materials from the sea

Direct compaction grade powder with marine omega-3 triglyceride oil

  • 180 mg/g omega-3 in the powder
  • Excellent flow and compactibility
  • 2 years shelf-life

Tablets with marine omega-3 triglyceride oil

  • As single active or combined with your active of choice, in bulk
  • Possible to fullfil EFSA claim of 250 mg EPA+DHA with 2 tablets
  • Flexible on size, shape, color and taste
  • 3 years shelf-life

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OmegaTri™ shall be a leading developer of tablets and powders containing omega-3 and other healthy fats, plain or in combinations with other active ingredients, protected by patentes methods and technologies. Contact us today! Download our brochure >>