Why a tablet?

  • Healthy lipids, like omega-3 oils, can be combined with any other active- in one tablet.
  • Tablets can be prepared in any size or shape and added color or taste, without compromising stability.
  • Lipids formulated in a tablet cause no unpleasant aftertaste.
  • Tablets are the most stable and inexpensive administration form available, cut costs.

No aftertaste

Each individual lipid molecule wrapped by cyclic starch

No oil layer in the stomach, no fishy aftertaste. 3 studies performed on reflux issues- no fishy aftertaste reported

  • 40-60% of the population is bothered by reflux throughout the day
  • Reflux is defined as when stomach content return up the esophagus
  • Omega-3 oil is lighter than water and will float on top of the stomach content
  • Omega-3 supplement may worsen the reflux due to fishy aftertaste

Proven fast bioavailability

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Classic cross-over clinical study comparing bioavailability of EPA and DHA from the tablets compared to soft-gel capsules. Significantly shorter time to maximum concentration of EPA and DHA in blood was observed when formulated in a tablet.

The study results further suggested that uptake of lipids from the tablets is less dependent on simultaneous food intake- taking omega-3 supplement with food may therefore no longer be necessary!

High oxidative stability

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The molecular encapsulation of each lipid molecule by cyclic starch ensure an oxidative stable product securing an attractive shelf-life.

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