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Patented technology with a unique delivery system for healthy oils.

First company in the world to produce tabletable omega-3 powder.

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  • Today you can get omega-3 supplement as pure oil, soft-gel capsules, powders, emulsions and more.

    One delivery form is still missing on the list…

  • …the tablet

…the tablet

OmegaTri™ introduces the technology for preparing dry, compactible powders from healthy lipids- ideal for tableting.

Finally, omega-3 and other active ingredients can be combined in one convenient tablet.

In 2007…

…the University spin-off company OmegaTri™ AS was founded, based on the idea that omega-3 could be included in tablets by preparing complexes of omega-3 and cyclic starch. The founders, professor Jo Klaveness and professor Pål Rognved at School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo, secured a dedicated research and development facility with a strong team. Since then, OmegaTri™ has developed a technological platform allowing direct compactible grade powders comprising healthy lipids to be prepared.

Use this chance to be in the frontline of a revolution, where omega-3 is not only available in a brand new delivery form but also easily combinable with any other active of choice!

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  • Healthy lipids in a tablet represent attractive possibilities.

  • Never before has it been possible to combine healthy lipids with your free choice of active ingredient!

  • The tablet administration form create the option to combine actives on the dry form, securing superior compatibility and shelf-life.

  • Addressing health categories like hearth health, joint health and maternal health with tablets comprising all recommended actives is finally achieveable.

  • New and innovative
  • Multiple product opportunities
  • No reflux or aftertaste
  • No taste or odor
  • High oxidative stability
  • Proven bioavailability
  • IP protected
  • No gelatin (no religious concerns)
  • No lactose

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OmegaTri™ shall be a leading developer of tablets and powders containing omega-3 and other healthy fats, plain or in combinations with other active ingredients, protected by patentes methods and technologies. Contact us today! Download our brochure >>